the author and her grandmother enjoying a meal in the Philippines

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Thanks for visiting my website! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to receiving your message.

About Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Jacquelyn Piansay and I'm a User Experience (UX) Designer by day and an LDT grad student by night. I believe that learning how to cook a traditional dish or a longstanding family recipe can help us feel more connected to our roots, and this website is a way for me to do just that!

The two recipes showcased on this website were selected because they are some of the more popular and widely known Filipino dishes. These two dishes are also special to me personally as they remind me of fond memories with my family. Although my siblings can be picky eaters, if one of these dishes was prepared for dinner at our house, I'd definitely need to rush to the kitchen or it'll be gone before I could get any!

I hope this website serves as a catalyst for me to start making headway on a long-term, personal goal of mine which is to learn and catalog my family's recipes, and eventually share them with future generations. Join me on my journey to do just that!

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