Joe's Smoked Ribs: Serving

Cooked rack of ribs

A smoked rack of ribs on a wooden cutting board. Three ribs have been sliced off, two of them have their middle meat visible.

Serve them up, feed the people

After removing the ribs from the smoker or over, the meat should be pulled back, revealing the tips of the bones. Let them rest for about 10 minutes, giving time to cool and for the meat to evenly distribute its juices. Cut them into single bone servings, pile onto a plate and dive in.

Are these the best ribs ever?

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This recipe was constructed over years of smoking by me, Joe Karlson. This has been a passion of mine since 2015, I spent many a long night tending to a fire and nearly burning the house down. In my spare time, I have a lovely wife and three kids, so in other words what spare time?

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